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Guest Post – What Has Tantra Done For Me?

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250560_1538595536382921_1728759072686341234_nThis is a guest post from my client Claire. You can read her previous blog here

It’s been a few weeks now since I started on my tantric journey and to say it’s been full of ups and downs would be an understatement. So.. what has tantra done for me?

In my latest tantric session..

This time I allowed myself to drift away into this great gift of touch. Intimate but not sexual. I fully relaxed my mind and body and really felt my energy moving through me.

It was.. Liberating. Delicious. Empowering.

Turning over on to my back I suddenly realised that in the last session I had been feeling ashamed of myself. The reason this popped into my head is because I was feeling NO SHAME this time. I hadn’t even felt a compulsion to apologise for my hirsuite appearance pretty much everywhere (waxing is booked in for next week..). I was feeling my feminine power.

Towards the end, Michelle was stroking from the soles of my feet, up my legs, across my yoni, abdomen, breasts, neck, face, to the crown of my head and I just felt filled with pure golden light – I had the sudden visual that I had become the image of a Hindu golden statue, which I enjoyed immensely. It felt a bit odd talking about that afterwards, but that’s what happened!

I’m glad I had such a positive, relaxed experience this time. Michelle had said right at the start of this tantric journey that each time would be different, to suspend judgement and just be in the moment.

I’d gone into my second solo tantric session fully expecting it to be my last one. I was not sure about my Why. I was asking myself, ‘What’s the point?’.

Now I can answer

To drop my shame, to lift my limitations, challenge my self beliefs, face my fears. To shed what is no longer needed, what no longer serves me.

Revel in, and reveal, who I really am.


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