What type of Yoni Egg Is For You?

When we start to explore Yoni Eggs on the internet, we can find ourselves a bit bamboozled by the various types of stone on offer. All crystal stones have healing qualities to them, but not all these stones in the shape of eggs are for our Yoni. The original Taoist Jade Egg set consists of […]

What To Expect In A Jade Egg Practice.

The awareness of Jade egg has grow has rapidly grown, introducing this ancient practice alongside kegal exercises and vaginal Kong Fu! I am not sure about the Vaginal Kong Fu personally.  Yes, it is essential to maintain and care for the physical health of our Yoni but tight vaginas is a unhealthy myth which causes […]

Jade Egg ~ Healing Our Roots.

It is essential to our woman~ness that we heal our roots. Without the connection to our sexuality and sensuality, the deep roots of our womanness,  we lack an aliveness. Our creativity is dry, our lustre for life long gone, our sense of belonging non existent.  Life seems to have no colour, our skin holds no […]

Get To Know Your Clitoris For Owners & Lovers.

Have you ever taken the time to get to know your clitoris or your lover’s clitoris? I believe our clitoris has secrets of pleasure and wisdom that support us to know ourselves in richer ways as a woman or explore and meet our lover in new ways … if only we slow down and approach […]

An Honest and brave Journey Of Touch.

Fate brought me to Michelle’s site – an article in a magazine about Yoni massage, a blogger who had written about Michelle and then Michelle’s site itself. It seemed to me that it was all meant to be, however I was beyond terrified. Being touched by others and even touching myself was deeply unpleasant. I […]

Is Tantra A couple’s Journey Or A Journey For An Individual?

We can have the presumption and misconceived idea that Tantra is a couples journey and all about great sex. In this video I offer the suggestion that Tantra is in truth an individual journey, enhanced, once fully embodied, with another.      

Sex After Childbirth Trauma.

In this video I share a reflection on how we may approach sex after trauma during childbirth, in a tender, kind and less intensely focused way.  This may also be a gentle approach after any sexually traumatic event.      

The Alchemy Of The Jade Egg.

Most of us have heard of vaginal kong fu and the art of ping pong balls. But no, this is not the kind of magic I share in this conversation … although ping pong balls may get a quick cheeky mention. In this Brighton Talks Sex podcast I guide us through the initiation of Jade […]

Letting Go Of Friction Based Sex.

I would like to offer the suggestion today, to let go of friction-based sex.    In our society, our culture, friction based sex is the only idea that we are offered in our sex education. That all sex is action based. Or sex is friction based. This idea of friction based Sex definitely gets us […]