Through the sharing of my words, I hope to answer your curiosities, bring to your life sensuous moments & inspire you to taste tantra. Giving yourself permission to live a satisfying, bliss-filled life, knowing the riches of intimate touch & sacred sex. Continue Reading

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Paint Yourself With Love…

For this little exercise of self body love, create yourself the perfect environment in which you can relax & explore your skin, your own touch…  Soft music, candles, warmth. To truly share yourself with another, to know the art of intimate touch, you need to begin with being able to honour yourself & know yourself in a sacred way.… Continue Reading

So What Is Sexy?

Now once upon a time, my instant answer would have been image … I remember how hard it was for me to move into & accept my own body. There was always so much to compare it to.  My limited view in the world of glossy magazines & TV celebs formed a belief at a young tender age… Continue Reading