How We Restrict Our Orgasmic Potential & How To Open Yourself To More.

I was simply walking home from a exercise class this morning and every step I took upon the Earth, I felt life pulsating up through the foot in contact with the ground, up my legs, entering my Yoni and then rippling waves up and up through my body … opening, and opening, and opening my […]

Your Sense Of Arousal

In this short sweet Tantric snippet Michelle speaks of our misunderstanding of arousal and the way we habitually “get rid” of it or suppress it rather than delving into the simple pleasure and experience of the sensation of arousal.    

Mcdonalds Versus Steak.

A short Tantra snippet comparing our sexual experiences to living with Mcdonalds while desiring steak. ❤️            

Tree Hugging Hippy Clap Trap Or Practical Methods For LIfe?

A short snippet sharing an experience of how a client felt New Age Spirituality language had made him feel uncomfortable and awkward rather than, encouragement to explore simple practical methods that support the experience of life in a very grounded, authentic way. ❤️  

Become The Touch…

Tantra teaches that through using all our senses, we can transform everyday life into ecstasy. Many of the “keys” given in Vigyan Bhairav Tantra, simply require us to add the magic ingredient of our presence …  To be, do, see, hear, taste, feel & touch with totality. These “keys” expand our awareness, take us to […]

Paint Yourself With Love…

For this little exercise of self body love, create yourself the perfect environment in which you can relax & explore your skin, your own touch…  Soft music, candles, warmth. To truly share yourself with another, to know the art of intimate touch, you need to begin with being able to honour yourself & know yourself in a sacred way. […]

Hungry For Touch…

There is a “food” that our skin yells & hungers for. A “food” that is as essential to our survival as good food & warm shelter…  Touch.  I remember a lecture I attended while studying child psychology … in the 1940s a Doctor caring for motherless babies was surprised to find that although they were […]

So What Is Sexy?

Now once upon a time, my instant answer would have been image … I remember how hard it was for me to move into & accept my own body. There was always so much to compare it to.  My limited view in the world of glossy magazines & TV celebs formed a belief at a young tender age […]