The Joy Of Tantric Sex.

A light evening interview with Allison Ferns and Bibi Lynch from BBC Radio, exploring with Michelle Roberton the joy of tantric sex. Pop, your feet up, pour a glass and enjoy ❤️

Is Tantra A Technique?

Is Tantra a technique?                                                                                    In our society and our culture we are given techniques […]

Embracing The Approach Of Play Versus Practice.

I would like to offer an invitation to embrace the approach of playing and not practising. Life is sincere but it is not necessarily serious. Tantra supports this quality. That in all we do comes from a place of being, so there is sincerity behind our action, behind our doing,. But there is not seriousness. […]

Busting The Tantra Bullshit.

Tantra has a stigma in society. A limiting idea or presumption that it is all about having great sex for hours and achieving multiple and whole body orgasms. The thinking around Tantra can still be method/goal orientated… as in a means to great sex … but still an “action.” I am deeply passionate about the […]

The Physical Sexual Health Benefits Of A Jade Egg Practice.

In this Tantric Snippet I share some of the physical sexual health benefits of Jade Egg Practice. How this may support us to: “Map” out our Yoni muscles to support us during child birth. And enable us NOT to have a tight vagina/yoni but one that is supple and flexible, causing us less pain and […]

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How Tantra Is Shared Within The Sessions As A Lifestyle.

In this video I offer a insight into how I shares Tantra as a lifestyle within the sessions of Sacred Touch, deeply listening to each BODY story that maybe holding you back to living a life of love and sensation ♥️  

The Stuffing In The Sausage.

Tantra invites us to explore life, others, our relationships, our sex from the stuffing in the sausage. So that life has an energy behind it of sensation, feeling … not just a physical experience.      

The Benefits Of Lingam Healing …

In tantra we call the penis “lingam”. Lingam comes from the beautiful language of Sanskrit, loosely translated it means “wand of light.”    When a man has embraced his lingam as part of his whole being into his life & sex life from an essence of tantra, it brings forth a richer sensuality to love […]

Your Curiosities…

How tantric massage & teachings support premature ejacualtion, impotence & performance anxiety… Unless you have been diagnosed by your doctor with a physical reason for premature ejaculation or impotence, then it is probable that you are experiencing some kind of performance anxiety. A man often sees it, that it is his “job” to ensure his partner is having the […]

Should My Tantric Massage Be Kept A Secret From My Partner?

Now this is a question that on some level deeply saddens me… & my answer is                “NO. Don’t hide it…  share your experience with your partner.” I am aware of the stigma that comes with tantra, due to western society’s very slightly wonky idea & “trashing” of such […]